• The Liberal Arts Career Week is being produced by the Ivan Allen College Career Development Committee and the Ivan Allen College Student Advisory Board. Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Miller or other members listed below.

    Career Development Committee members include;

    • Elizabeth Miller, Director of Enrollment and Student Affairs for the Ivan Allen College, Chair for Career Week
    • Katie Raczynski, Academic Advisor, School of Literature, Communication, and Culture
    • Stephanie Jackson, Academic Advisor II, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs
    • Adair Duke, Administrative Professional, School of Economics

    Student Advisory Board members include;

    • Katie Flynn, IAML, Student Chair for Career Week
    • Sahra Jabbehdari, PUBP
    • Erin Robinson, IAML
    • Nancy Thanki, STAC, Student Co-Chair for Career Week
    • Andrew Van Deventer, CM
    • Aaron Hoodin, IAML

    Catering, Design, Logistic, Website support include;

    • Jamie Kazenstein, IAML/STAC, Assistant for Enrollment and Student Affairs
    • Katelyn Jones, ARCH, Assistant for Media and Special Events
    • Josh Fierstein, CS, Assistant for Programming

    Without their enthusiasm and hard work, this event would not be possible.  Many Thanks!!

    Also many thanks to the other members of the IAC Student Advisory Board and IAC Ambassadors with their help with hosting and preparation support!



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  1. cw_admin Friday January 20, 2012

    All of the Career Week Events will be held in the Student Center and Student Center Commons.

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