We are excited that you will be joining us for what we hope will be the first of annual Liberal Arts Career Week. This event is open to any and all students enrolled in the Ivan Allen College. This even includes students pursuing a second degree. The "I Am an Entrepreneur" session and "The Practicality of Law" session are open to Pre-Law, MGT and CS students on a space available basis.

Enter the required information, such as name, email, major, etc., below. When registering for events, check the box of the event you want to attend. If the event is full, you will be automatically waitlisted. Your confirmation email will state which events you are attending and which you are waitlisted. Once a spot is available, you will be notified of your admittance via email. You can modify your registration anytime under the "Modify Registration" tab in the "Registration" menu above.

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Monday, February 20th
(Monday, 10AM-11:30AM) I Want to Work Abroad, Now What?
(Monday, 11AM-12PM) What's Next? Countdown to Graduation
(Monday, 2PM-3PM) Get LinkedIn
(Monday, 2PM-4PM) Professional Photo Shoot 1
(Monday, 4PM-5PM) Internships: Finding the Best Opportunities & When to Do Them
(Monday, 5PM-5:45PM) Putting Your Best Image Forward! (Required for Critique)
(Monday, 5:50PM-7:30PM) One-on-One Resume Critique (Optional)
Tuesday, February 21st
(Tuesday 11AM-12PM) Elevator Pitch
(Tuesday 1:30PM-2:30PM) Non-Profit Career Path
(Tuesday 4:30PM-5PM) Getting into Graduate School
(Tuesday 5:30PM-8PM) Speed Interview Boot Camp
Wednesday, February 22nd
(Wednesday 10AM-11AM) Fellowships & Young Professionals
(Wednesday 12PM-1PM) Alphabet Soup: Test Taking Your Way to Graduate School
(Wednesday 3PM-4:30PM) I Am an Entrepreneur
Thursday, February 23rd
(Thursday 8:30AM-9:30AM) Reality Check: Managing Finances after Graduation
(Thursday 2:30PM-5PM) Professional Photo Shoot 2
(Thursday 5:30PM-7PM) The Practicality of Law
Friday, February 24th
(Friday 8:30AM-10AM) Professional Photo Shoot 3
(Friday 12PM-1PM) Contract and Salary Negotiation
(Friday 12PM-3PM) Professional Photo Shoot 4
(Friday 3PM-4PM) Reality Check: Managing Finances after Graduation