Fellowships and Young Professionals

    • Presentation speakers
      • Rachel Benkeser, Presidential Management Fellow, National Institutes of Health
      • Denise Freeman, Public Health Advisor/Public Health Associate Supervisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      • Halley Espy, Third-Year Student, University of Georgia School of Law
      • Ashley Faas, PHAP Fellow, CDC




    Room: 319

    This session will inform you of experiential learning career programs for recent graduates. Called “young professionals” or “emerging leaders” programs, these programs are by nature designed to provide career guidance, mentor relationships and professional development for recent graduates as they navigate the start of their careers. These programs tend to be a year or longer in length to serve the critical needs of a new staffer and support organizational recruitment and retention efforts. Fellowships are designed to support graduate study, research, or other professional training opportunities within a industry. Short-term and competitive, the focus is often on expanding leadership within a field. Speakers will share insights on programs they’ve participated in and tips for finding and applying to programs that best serve a career path.