I Want to Work Abroad, Now What?

    • Presentation speakers
      • Caroline Anderson, Assistant Director of Work Abroad, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Debbie Pearson, Assistant Director, Cooperative Education and Work Abroad, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Stephanie Bolan, Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Kyle Zeman, Undergraduate/Alumnus, Georgia Institute of Technology / AIESEC

    Room: 319

    What skills do you need?  How do you apply? Is there funding?  Come get answers to these questions and more in this session designed to provide an overview of the aspects to working abroad.  You’ll hear from alumni and current students that have recently returned who will share first-hand accounts of their experiences and how they’ve leveraged their work abroad in their professional careers.  Work Abroad staff will also be present to show you the process so you can get started on securing your international internship.


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